peachy keen

June 26, 2006

Today I baked a peach pie for an impromptu family dinner. It came out pretty fantastic (save for the burnt edges, but the family is very forgiving), which I think was a result of the combination of the humid air (adds a good amount of moisture to the dough) and the fact that I used a food processor to make the dough so the fat was still frozen when I mixed it with the flour. Also, the peaches they have at the co-op right now are delicious. Plus, the Joy of Cooking has once again proved itself to be the best cookbook on my shelf for all the standards. What other cookbook not only gives you a recipe for pie crust but also gives you instructions on how to make the crust in a food processor? Amazing. The only thing that I don’t like about peach pie is that when you thicken and then cook peaches, they have a taste and texture reminiscent of canned peaches, which is never a pleasant thing to taste in pie.

Because I like lists, here are a few things I remembered while baking today:

  • Pie is so easy to make. No one should be afraid to make their own pie crust.
  • In the tradition of my grandmother and then my mother, leftover pie dough should never be wasted. Roll out the dough, spread some jam on it and sprinkle on nuts and/or raisins. Roll it up, brush it with egg or milk and bake it. Slice it and voila, you have delicious strudel. Alternatively, strudel can be made on its own and does not need to be preceeded by pie making.
  • When baking in the summetime, have an air conditioner in your kitchen if you plan to turn the oven on to 425, especially if you have a friend keeping you company during the baking process.

I did, however, treat my sweaty friend to some iced decaffeinated green tea with dried jasmine that I had made the day before, which got rave reviews. Green tea with all kinds of dried flowers from the loose tea section at the co-op (above the spices) makes some tasty iced tea and gives a little variation to the monotony of iced lipton.



  1. thank you, martha. positively enlightening!

    -stewart sichel

  2. aren’t you the little suzie homemaker. you know my birthday is just around the corner and I sure do fancy a little slice of pie…
    you are my blopy inspiration!!!

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