linking not thinking

August 11, 2006

Too much happening right now. Life seems to get in the way of blogging.

Jew-types: check out this little queer d’var torah on Parashat Ekev, written by a queer San Franciscan who is friends with all my besties. Divrei torah on brachot over binding are always hot. Check it out. Thanks to D for the linkage.

Feminist-types: I want to purchase this rockin’ t-shirt, courtesy of the California chapter of NOW. Own those waves. All of ’em. Thanks to Feministing for digging this up.

Pop-culture types: Madonna rocked this little narcissistic t-shirt last week. If you’re lazy, it says “In Madonna We Trust” with a huge cross in the middle. Ya. Way to do your part in giving the proverbial finger to the God-types who run this country. Or maybe that’s just my own interpretation. I don’t know why she ever surprises me.

All-types: do buy yourself Ani Difranco‘s new album called Reprieve, which came out on Tuesday. It’s helped me through tough times already. It’s sad and mellow and more political than her last few albums. Songs that are already stuck in my head: hypnotize, decree, reprieve, shroud.

Lastly, saltyfemme is famous. Rock.

Love and kisses from far away from home (literally and figuratively). This post is for my queen with blue hair.


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