femme puppet!

August 21, 2006

Abby Cadabby should make the femmes proud. I think so, anyway. Abby is the newest, girliest addition to the Sesame Street cast. And a fairy, to boot! I know, I know, I should stop seeing everything with a queer lens. But this is a really good one. She could never replace Miss Piggy (the ultimate high femme) but she seems fabulous in her own right.

The pink and sparkly Abby, who flutters around with dragonfly wings and a magic wand, is decidedly more girlie than her peers… “Abby, being a fairy, allows us to teach diversity and accepting of other’s differences, because we don’t have a fairy on ‘Sesame Street,'” (executive producer Carol-Lynn) Parente said. “She’s able to show everyone what it’s like to be a fairy and what it’s like to be magical.”

Contrary to expectations, I won’t go into a long and detailed rant about why Abby is queer. Suffice it to say that she sounds like a sparkly femme to me. And she’s so effing cute! Go Abby. More here and here.

Thanks again to Feministing for the linkage. (An excellent site to add to your rss reader, IMO)


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