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September 18, 2006

I don’t want to lose readers, and I know I haven’t posted in a week (I haven’t posted anything substantive in longer than that!). Life happens sometimes. So here’s a list, for those who likes lists:

1) I have added Our Bodies Our Blog, “our daily dose of women’s health news and analysis” to my rss reader. It’s only one or two entries per day so it’s definitely manageable. Especially with your new rss reader.

2) Speaking of rss readers, get one now if you still don’t have one. No, it’s not just another annoying thing to worry about. It puts all your news and your blogs into one place so you don’t have to go running around checking websites all the time. It does all the checking for you. There are web-based ones and there are ones that you can download. Google has one, Yahoo has one, and I have Sharpreader (which is downloadable software and looks just like Outlook, a plus for those who need to look like they are working all the time).

3) I’m working on a post about improving cafeteria food in public schools. More to come tonight or tomorrow.

4) Get thee to your local Greenmarket, ASAP. Apples are in town! The early varieties are, at least. Yesterday I bought some lovely Ginger Golds and Macouns at the Tompkins Square Park Greenmarket. A fabulous PDF of the NYC Greenmarket schedules (and a map) is available here. An informative site about NY state apple varieties is available here. Next weekend is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, famous for long synagogue hours and apple-centered desserts. Baking will commence Thursday night. Keep your eyes (and palates) peeled.

5) Finally, some exciting news. Saltyfemme is apparently famous enough to have a guest blogger. Look out for disfunkchanel, my favorite sassy and queer artist/poet extraordinaire. She doesn’t like lists but she likes me. She’s definitely a salty one.

P.S. photo credit to this guy on flickr. Thanks for the lovely apple photos from Union Square.


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