October 20, 2006

Some recent webby discoveries I’ve made that I thought I might share:

  • Blogs here, blogs there: Don’t feel like checking blogs all the time? Afraid of RSS readers? Don’t even know what RSS stands for? Have no fear. I just discovered an excellent tool called r-mail. R-mail allows you to enter a blog address and your email address. You will then get an email each time that blog is updated! It’s so simple, even a computer illiterate baby boomer can do it! If you want to be emailed with saltyfemme updates, look over there on the right side of this screen. Underneath ‘categories’ you’ll see a place to add your email address. Click subscribe. That’s it!
  • Queen of Craigslist: During my long quest for the perfect roommate and then for the perfect apartment and then for the perfect and inexpensive furniture with which to furnish it, I spent many hours on Craigslist. It’s tedious and annoying and I never remembered which posts I had seen already. Until I discovered that craigslist is actually RSS compatible. Meaning that you can perform any craigslist search, with as many search terms as you want, copy the url address into your RSS reader, and boom, you never have to check craigslist again! I was very impressed, both with craigslist and with myself.
  • Shutting out that annoying co-worker (we’ve all been there): In our never-ending quest for good, varied workday music with minimal commercials (we’ve exhausted MusicMatch radio, Yahoo launchcast, even the online stream of the Israeli pop station galgalatz), the glass lady found Pandora, a site that I don’t completely understand but have learned to really love. The idea is simple: each user can create up to 100 radio stations, each one based on the genre of one artist. You can’t mix artists, so Pandora is when you’re in the mood for one particular genre.
  • This American Life, everyone’s favorite public radio program, is finally offering the show in a free weekly podcast! Hurray. Subscribe through itunes or however you get your podcasts.

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