choicers for life

January 22, 2007

Today is blog for choice day. The theme is “why I am pro-choice.” I look forward to read lots of other bloggers’ posts. I don’t have tons of new ideas to post, just a short essay.

My being pro-choice has very little to do with abortion. I am pro-choice because we still live in an imperfect world. Because it still really sucks to be a woman. And because there is so much inequality, oppression, and hypocrisy in this country that we cannot afford any high horses.

Until we can figure out proper (i.e. real) sex education in this country and access to contraception for everyone, both unconditional and without the weight of Christian morality. Until the development of a cervical cancer vaccine makes everyone jump for joy instead of wonder whether it will turn our teenage daughters into sluts. Until the US government stops putting white fetuses above those of color. Until we can figure out why putting more money into AIDS research than military ambitions might actually be a more productive use of our money. Until the US government considers the life of a soldier in Iraq to be equally as important as that of an unborn fetus. Until the military superpower that is the US government can prove to the world that it actually does value life in any form. Until minimum wage is a living wage that can actually support a family. Until everyone can access proper health care. Until there stops being a double-standard when it comes to sexual morality for men and women. Until the government stops peeking into our bedrooms and punishing us when they don’t like what they see. Until everyone is aware of their own sexual power and uses it accordingly. Until anti-choicers understand that we are pro-life.

Not yet.



  1. amen!

  2. Well said.

  3. Exactly…all of your points really resound for me.

  4. I agree, very well said. Another advantage of this Blog for Choice Day is that I get to surf around and discovery a lot of new blog reads!

  5. Well said.

    I would add the LA Times referring to the dead as troops…. not sons and daughters.

    We have not lost troops in Iraq we have lost our children.

  6. I loved this post, thank you!

  7. Thank you, friends. Nice to hear. I look forward to reading lots of others.

    This doesn’t really fit anywhere in the post so I’ll put it in a comment: one of the best and most comprehensive “why I’m pro-choice” posts I’ve read today is over at Feministe. It’s long but to the point. And it’s full of links. Do check it out.

  8. Thank you…so very well said!

  9. great post — pithy and to the point. why not send it to a newspaper? –tani

  10. Thank you for taking the Bush/Cheney cabal to task. They talk about the value of life, but their foreign policies have led this country to death (Iraq, Afganistan, Darfur, etc. etc,) and destruction (the anti-environment).

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