salty sunday (take 1)

February 26, 2007

I’m trying out a new weekly post, wherein I will share some of the gems that have flown through my rss reader over the last week or so. I don’t have much pontificating to do so they’re not worthy of entire posts, but perhaps you’ll find something you wouldn’t have otherwise. I’ll see if I can keep it up.

From Nextbook: Peggy Orenstein wistfully remembers her high school sweetheart, wonders whether her miscarriage was written in the cards, and ponders in amazement how anyone can raise 15 children in the One that Got Away. Via my mom.

Remember that whole “buy property in the West Bank! It’s totally legal and legit!” thing that was happening in my hometown? I’m happy to hear that there were some protestors, at least enough for an MSNBC story. Excellent. Via Jewschool. *update* It also made Monday’s NYTimes.

“I still don’t accept their lifestyle. No.” In case anyone thought he might have had as quick and radical a turnaround as Ted Haggard, Tim Hardaway is still a homophobe. Via Pandagon.

Check out this fairly convincing argument to end the obsessive bashing of Britney Spears from Rebecca Traister at Salon. Via Feministing.

Anyone looking for a comprehensive summary of the current state of the HPV vaccine should check out this piece from Our Bodies Our Blog.

A thousand demonstrators marked the two-year anniversary of resistance in Bil’in on Friday. Via Orthodox Anarchist (there’s a video there too).

New to me blogger Callan’s assertion that femme identity is a constantly evolving process (among other thoughts) resonated with me. She wrote this piece during the Translating Identities conference in Vermont. Via my handy-dandy google alert for ‘queer femme.’

Finally, a little bit of self-congratulation, from our friends at New Voices magazine: saltyfemme made the top-ten list of Best Jewish Blogs! New Voices is one of my very favorite mags – maybe if it had the writing and editing then that it has now, I might have actually read it in college and learned something instead of groaning when I saw my free copy in my mailbox. Be sure to check out their latest issue.



  1. hey salty, cheers for the link to callan! what a great find.

  2. I know, right? Awesome. Three cheers for google alerts.

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