salty sunday

March 4, 2007

(the week in links)

Don’t forget to check out the 32nd Carnival of Feminists – chock full of a month’s worth of fantastic feminist blogging.

Gentrification as colonialism, courtesy of Angry Brown Butch.

With all the current HPV/cervical cancer vaccine hoopla, people might be wondering just how prevalent this disease is. Kaisernetwork.org reports that 26% of US women and girls ages 14-59 have HPV, and 2% of those cases are the strains that cause cervical cancer, which accounts for 70% of cervical cancer cases. Click here to see further breakdown by age and much more detail.

Bill Maher on the HPV vaccine. (“People don’t get the vaccine for typhoid and say, ‘Great, now I can drink the sewer water in Bombay.'”) Via Feministe.

Bush is doing us good! US poverty is at a 32-year high. Via Pandagon.

Remember how the gay marriage movement was supposed to bring us into the future? Well, in states with brand-new gay marriage bans, several universities that used to offer domestic partner benefits to same-sex couples have already or are threatening to take them away (because they might be breaking the law by doing so). Via Queer Sighted.

Don’t worry, scared middle-class hets, gays have the exact same problems as you! Let them get married so they can bicker about using coasters too. Via Feministing.

A queer primer for hets, courtesy of Cameron Scott – an ambitious task to take on. It leaves out some key points, I assume to make it less confusing for the reader, so if feels incomplete and also makes some generalizations, but is an interesting read nonetheless. Also, it received some pretty harsh and ignorant responses in the comments section, which only indicated that the article flew right over their heads.

Finally, Jewish holidays make Perez Hilton! Whoa. Madonna dressed as a flapper for Purim.


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