salty sunday

March 18, 2007
So much for springtime. I can’t believe it snowed this much.

Well, on with the Sunday roundup.

In New York City news, the city has awarded $600,000 to Columbia University-Harlem Health Center for reproductive health services. The NYC fundies (yes, they’re here too) have their conservative panties in a twist with shouts of the looming end of the world caused by our valueless society. Via Kaiser Daily Women’s Health Policy.

Speaking of women’s health, I had an amazing website discovery this week. In my quick research for this post, I found the website of the National Conference of State Legislatures, which tracks HPV vaccine-related legislation (among others), state by state – and it seems that it’s updated pretty often.

Jerusalem homos gear up for Jerusalem Pride 2007. Via JVoices.

Naomi Chazan writes a thorough and nuanced piece on the status of women/feminism in Israel in the JPost. Snip: “it is not that discrimination has been erased; it is that it now appears in more subtle and nuanced presentations so different from the virulent strains of yesteryear.” Via my mom.

In Passover preparations: the Jew and the Carrot on bitter alternatives to horseradish, including a delicious-looking recipe for a bitter greens salad with pears.

ColorLines magazine on racism in the blogosphere – not too detailed but a good primer for newbies in the blogging world. Via DMF.

Exploitation of domestic workers in the SF bay area (and beyond) in the New Standard. Also via DMF.

Definitely check out this short piece in Queer Sighted about queer homeless youth and what “gay shame” really means.

New to the salty blogroll: Jewess (a new Jewish women’s group blog, only about a month old and already fantastic), Women of Color blog, The Jew and the Carrot, and Queer Sighted.


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