salty sunday

March 25, 2007
(this bag could be yours for a mere $99)

I’m really loving Jewess. Rebecca Honig Friedman explains, with photo, the commercialization of the JAP. Juicy Couture is capitalizing on everyone’s favorite stereotype with a lovely new line called “Juicy American Princess.”

Did you know that today marks the 96th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire? I didn’t. Thanks, jspot.

Women of Color blog links to an old song/video from Palestinian hip-hop artist Tamer Nafar called Kan Noladeti (born here) that I had never seen with subtitles (it’s in Hebrew and Arabic). Interestingly enough, this song and video were produced by Israeli nonprofit Shatil’s Mixed Cities project.

Also re: Israel/Palestine, Reuters (and therefore all your mainstream news sites that pick up Reuters) carried an article last week about Machsom Watch, an organization that sends groups of women to checkpoints in the West Bank to observe and document soldier interactions with Palestinians, then publishes the notes from each shift on their website (full disclosure: I volunteered with them for awhile when I was there).

Piny at Feministe explains her absence by describing her painful decision to go off testosterone and to not masculinize her body. Pretty impressive that she’s being so open about something so personal and complicated. And well written, to boot.

Holy crap, I am a speechless feminist. Last week’s challenge on American’s Next Top Model was called Crime Scene Victims (the pictures are awful, consider yourself forewarned) – the would-be models struck those high fashion poses we’ve all come to know and love (death by poison, drowning, electrocution are some of my personal favorites). Also, the quotes of the judges that go along with the photos are just lovely too. What’s great about this is that you can also look beautiful in death.” Commentary here. Via Feministing and Feministe.

Oh, Canada. Sigh. In HPV news, the Canadian government has allocated $258 million for the HPV vaccine. Via Kaiser Daily Women’s Health Policy.

In food blog news, Heidi at 101 Cookbooks explains how to make pesto like an Italian grandmother and shares beautiful photos of the green gold.

Remember Beyond Same-Sex Marriage? And my little obsession with it? So last week I went to Bluestockings to hear a reading of a new anthology by Mattilda (editor of the fabulous That’s Revolting! Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation and the new Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity). Mattilda is a blogger, who knew, and on Friday wrote a critique of the BSSM statement. I don’t agree with her completely, but it’s definitely worth a read. I may revisit her words at a later date in a little more depth. For now, I am grateful for the very engaging essay, which brought up a whole series of new questions.

Livejournalers! Add saltyfemme to your friends list so you can be reminded when there’s a new post. Thanks muchly to one of my very lovely Shabbat dinner guests for setting this up.

Coming up this week: Passover-related posts, a new guest poster, and more. Stay tuned. My apologies for being such a delinquent blogger.

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  1. you are quite welcome. 🙂

  2. That Crime Scene Victims thing is out of control… and this coming from somoene who loves to watch Law & Order SVU! Oy.

  3. right on, bythebay. i love SVU, but these pictures are really tough to look at. they really take sexualizing the suffering of women to an appalling degree.

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