salty sunday

April 1, 2007
(home of the WAM!2007 conference at MIT. Gehry much? photo credit.)

Lots to post today and I didn’t even blog much this week. There’s been so much to write about but alas, busy week and then WAM this weekend. What can you do? Also, I’m working on a roundup on the JTS ‘coming out’ extravaganza of last week, stay tuned. There are too many for now and I don’t want to poison clutter my regular Sunday post.

Remember the disturbing Top Model episode that might have been called “death is beautiful, violence against women is even more beautiful”? Blogger Vox Ex Machina explains to liberals who responded to feminist outrage with the familiar trope of “it’s just fashion, it’s not real” (*insert annoyed tone*) why violence against women is still very very real. Lots of great links there and also some disturbing photos from the Top Model shoot, the New York Times style pages, and a smattering of other ads. Via Belldame.

A lesbian in Atlanta is playing up local homophobia in order to deny child custody to her former partner. Nice. Queer Sighted’s Kenneth Hill argues that this case could be a major setback for gay adoption in Georgia. So much for the whole “LGBT community” garbage. (not that I believe such a thing exists anyway).

More on The Gays: Michael on why straight people should think twice before walking into a gay bar/club. Three cheers for the feminist men, and where the hell are the rest of you?

34th carnival of feminists is up! Check it. Via Belldame.

Think anti-choicers actually give a crap about women’s lives? Think again (from Feministe).

Also from Feministe, another NBA star who just can’t keep his *expletive* mouth shut. This time, we have a lovely mix of homophobia and antisemitism.

Check out Rebecca Honig Friedman’s comprehensive essay on why the agunah issue still matters. (An agunah is a woman whose husband refuses to grant her a Jewish divorce, making it impossible for her to remarry or go on with her life. It is a manipulative and misogynist tactic used to drain women of resources and prevent them from starting anything fresh and generally to hold on to the last thread of power left for this man.)

Money quote: “Liberals have finally joined the ranks of scoundrels like Hitler.” I am without words, Tom DeLay. Via JSpot.

A how-to guide to being a settler in the West Bank. It’s real easy. There’s a cartoon too! Via Jewschool.

Small, quiet gathering/conference of Arab lesbians held in Haifa this week. Via NSRC news feed.

A must-hear from last week’s On the Media. Brooke Gladstone spoke with Brendan O’Neill of the British online journal Spiked about the word genocide. O’Neill believes that using the word genocide too freely actually does more harm than good (case in point, Darfur). Both audio and transcript are available.

For those Jews who don’t have enough reasons to care about immigration, please don’t forget that undocumented Jews number high in the US! Via JSpot.

Pesach resources: a Haggadah supplement on immigration from Jewish Funds for Justice, another supplement from JFREJ on domestic workers’ issues (I contributed), and a whole loadsky of Pesach resources (not exhaustive, surprisingly) from one year ago at Jewschool.

Oh my my I am tired and I haven’t even written up anything from the conference yet. Soon soon soon.


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