salty sunday

April 22, 2007

(This photo by Israeli photojournalist Oded Balilty won a Pulitzer for best breaking news photography of the year. The woman in the photo is a resident of the Amona settlement, east of Ramallah, which was evacuated February 1, 2006. Via Jewschool.)

Today’s salty sunday is a doozy. So much happened this week. I have attempted some categories.

Kaiser has a pretty great list of opinions, editorials, and basic coverage of the so-called “partial-birth” abortion ban, upheld this week in the supreme court. Oh, and here’s the original text of the ban.

If you’re looking for some well-written and comprehensive pro-choice commentary on the “partial-birth” abortion business, go read this article, written by Jill from Feministe at HuffPo.

All five justices who voted to uphold the ban are Catholic. Coincidence? Geoffrey Stone at HuffPo thinks not. Via Feministe.

American women have greater health needs than men but have lower incomes and therefore less access to health insurance, according to a new study. Via Feministing.

This month’s carnival of feminists is so F-ing long. I can’t get through all of it. Maybe you can. Part 1, part 2, part 3. There’s a salty post buried in part 3 somewhere.

This week in homos
Kol Ra’ash Gadol at Jewschool responds thoughtfully to some more reckless rhetoric from the homophobic Rabbi Einat Ramon.

Women may soon be able to produce babies without men. But only girl babies. Radical lesbian feminists rejoice! Via Feministing.

Blatant transphobic humor in the Illinois state legislature. Via Feministe.

A transman is running for prom king in Fresno, CA! Rock on. Via NSRC feed.

A fantastic piece on Jewish approaches to intersexuality at Jewish Mosaic.

Funny, not Always on Purpose
Pollution is good for you! (it’s a video, and it’s short)

Ever wanted to watch cheddar age? Yeah me neither, but apparently 900,000 people do.

Blog post title of the week: “Gynoversity” not, in fact, attended by vaginas. This article is truly hilarious. Boo hoo, it’s so hard to be a man in the world these days.

Israeli academics with time on their hands came up with this nifty tool that uses an algorithm to guess a writer’s gender based on a prose selection of 500 words or more. I tested it with three saltyfemme posts – every time the Gender Genie told me I was a man. Hhmmm. Via Majikthise.

From the Onion: This American Life Completes Documentation of Liberal, Upper-Middle-Class Existence.

On VA tech shootings: Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon explains why placing blame and making generalizations are unhelpful and problematic responses to this tragedy. She also links to some hilarious right-wing bloggers who have been quite creative in explaining this shooting spree.

Also on VA tech: Talk about victim-blaming. The first sentence in this article about the first woman killed who was being stalked by the shooter: “This is the face of the teenage student who may have sparked the biggest gun massacre in US history.” Via Feministe.

Eyal Press in the Nation on New Voices magazine’s funding crisis, which was essentially a discussion of journalistic integrity vs. Israel advocacy. Covered at Kabobfest and analyzed at Muzzlewatch.

Quentin Tarantino’s character from Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse movie Planet Terror, “the Grindhouse Rapist No. 1” has been made into an action figure! Retails at $12.99. Via Perez Hilton.

Finally, do check out this thoughtful piece from the American Prospect about Muslim radical reformer Irshad Manji.


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