salty sunday

April 29, 2007

(a little taste from yesterday’s salty fun with the lovely Miya. Saltyfemme will be changing servers very soon. Stay tuned for an exciting new layout!)

Philly-based activist April Rosenblum published a pamphlet about anti-Semitism on the Left called the Past Didn’t Go Anywhere: Making Resistance to Antisemitism Part of All of Our Movements. Via Jewschool.

Check out this very special d’var torah from the Forward on this week’s torah portion, which contains the infamous verses on anal sex. New Voices’ Ilana Sichel considers the functional purpose of Jewish guilt.

Um, this is really weird. Wetnurses are back in style. I wrote a whole post about this, linking the issue with the campaign I’m working on with JFREJ but then decided against it. I don’t know enough about it, except that (mostly low-income, women of color) wetnurses make $1000/week, significantly more than domestic workers.

JSpot covers a new MSNBC documentary about transgender issues and touches on trans stuff in the Jewish world.

On Rosie O’Donnell’s parting: Queer Sighted’s Kenneth Hill wonders if she’s gone because she was too dykie, too fat, and too opinionated.

Rudy Giuliani has changed his mind and now hates the gays. Er, I mean, now he is opposing civil unions to pander to the homophobic republicans who are now his potential supporters. Via Pandagon.

This is a little delayed but still important – the World Health Organization published a new report presenting findings from a 10-country study, which tracked the link between HIV/AIDS and violence against women. Via Reproductive Rights Prof Blog.

Ms. Foundation sponsors its final Take Our Daughters to Work day. Now that we’ve achieved equality in the workplace (hhmm), can we work on it everywhere else? Via NSRC feed.

That swimsuit covers too much skin. Or maybe I’m just your run-of-the-mill islamophobe. Via Pandagon.

Tech dept: RSS feeds made easy. Via Michael.

Finally, an ex-gay parody from Queer Sighted.


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