salty sunday

May 6, 2007

Remember the bomb that was found at the abortion clinic in Texas last week? A man was arrested for allegedly planting the bomb, which apparently contained 2,000 nails. Via Feministing.

Marriage and divorce for economic reasons? But I thought it was all about love and baybeez! Via Feministing.

Pro-life = anti-woman, anti-child, anti-choice. Case in point, South Carolina.

I heart New York. Governor Spitzer introduced the Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act. Via Feministing.

A Jewish woman in France was attacked, stripped, and had swastikas drawn on her body. The incident wasn’t called anti-Semitic. It also wasn’t called a sexual attack. Um, what? Via Jewschool.

A succinct summary of why anti-choicers are hypocrites. Via Feministe.

Domestic Violence as a public health issue? Interesting. Via Kaiser.

37th Carnival of Feminists is up!

Social justice and spirituality go hand in hand, at least according to Tikun Leil Shabbat in DC. The word is spreading!

Great May Day series over at Women of Color Blog – photos and videos – because words can’t convey everything, especially the emotion of protest. Click here and scroll to the bottom for #1.

The NYTimes profiles a shelter in Astoria for transgendered teens.

This article explains why I hate the new Grey’s Anatomy spinoff. It’s shallow, predictable, boring, and has three female leads who are all sex- and love-starved and can’t seem to be happy without pathetic men around giving them attention.

Finally, coherent policies to reducing poverty, thank you! So we can put the slumming aside and maybe make some real change happen.


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