salty sunday

May 14, 2007

Yesterday was too beautiful a spring day to be sitting at a computer. So I bring you the first salty Monday.
ALLEN street
(a vast improvement from the scantily clad hipster girls, don’t you think? Apparently the founder of American Apparel is hot for the rebbe Woody Allen these days. The corner of Allen Street and East Houston will never be the same.)

First up: Maya Escobar, of the now-famous JAP videos, brings us a piece on cultural appropriation in the form of Guatemalan tallitot.

Petitpoussin on how the definition of ‘alternative media’ seems to be a bit skewed these days to some mainstream feminists. And why everyone should shut up about Rosie for the love of all things feminist and more freaking important!

Piny at Feministe on fetishizing trans folks. A really great introduction but also great if you’ve been trying to organize these thoughts on this issue in your head but can’t get a really good grip on it.

There are a great many feminists who are pretty pissed about “Full Frontal Feminism” and about the general state of the feminist blogosphere (mainly that it is replicating problems in the larger movement: silencing/erasing voices of women of color, dealing with issues that are vapid and ridiculous when there are clearly more important things to blog). For book reviews, clicky here, and here. On the rest, try here and here for some unbelievably powerful writing.

The Onion has a hilarious Women’s Issue. Highlight: Women Now Empowered by Everything a Woman Does. Via everyone.

Queer masculine folks of all stripes should consider contributing to Beyond Masculinity: Essays by Queer Men on Gender and Politics. Deadline is May 31st. Via Feministing.

Israel/Palestine news, Via Jewschool since it’s too depressing to follow. Violent police response to leftist protestors outside Hebron has sparked a storm of criticism. Also three new settlements have been approved on the land between East Jerusalem and Gush Etzion to continue creating contiguity between the two.

Finally, the best mother’s day post I read is at DMI blog. In Homage to All Mothers, Maureen Lane asks how we honor mothers living in poverty. A complicated and detailed piece, definitely a must-read.



  1. Thank you for the link! I really enjoy reading your blog, I think you are a phenomenal writer and incredibly articulate. I didn’t initially respond to the JAP post, I was trying to remain out of the dialogue so that people would come to their own conclusions without my influence.


  2. Thank you dear! You are most welcome. I enjoy your blog as well. I have many artist friends and I find that you guys add indispensable depth to the way I think about the world. Also, my best friend’s name is Maya, and she is also an artist, so extra points there. I look forward to much more from you!
    I wonder if you’ve considered responding to any of the JAP stuff, now that it’s a few months after the fact? It seems like people are itching to have a conversation but don’t exactly know how to have it.

  3. […] offers a salty Monday roundup, including some links about the state of […]

  4. am now envisioning a drag king act, Van Halen with a Woody Allen twist.

    “I’ve got it bad, got it bad, got it bad…I’m hot for rebbe…Oyoyoyoyoyoy…”

  5. Hot. Totally hot. Let’s get that drag going!

  6. That billboard is just bizarre! Oy.

  7. […] Performance, myspace, youtube, Wife, Hispanic, wordpress — maya escobar @ 12:49 pm Last week Salty Femme to linked my blog . I was s delightled because I was secretly thought she disliked me after the JAP […]

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