Blog for Domestic Workers on Tuesday, June 5th!

May 19, 2007


Attention bloggers: Tuesday, June 5th is Blog for Domestic Workers day! The event is in conjunction with a massive Town Hall meeting and accountability session at Judson Memorial Church in New York City on Thursday, June 7th. Domestic Workers United (DWU), an organization of nannies, housecleaners, and elderly care givers, is pushing a Domestic Worker Bill of Rights through the state legislature in Albany. If passed, it would be the first legislation of its kind, guaranteeing basic rights to domestic workers in New York state. Domestic workers have been excluded from most federal and state labor laws, including the National Labor Relations Act.

Domestic workers number over 200,000 in the New York tri-state area alone. They work tirelessly for low pay and little respect, yet they enable about 400,000 middle- and upper-class folks to go to work every day. They make this city run, yet they have received little recognition for this work. It is no coincidence that most domestic workers are immigrant women of color and do traditional women’s work. The time has come for the world, or at least New York City, to recognize and appreciate what a vital role domestic workers play. (more here)

No matter where you live, please consider posting on June 5th about anything that relates to domestic workers: your experiences working as one; being raised by one; political issues from your own broad perspective; your thoughts on how this issue is a feminist issue; how it relates to the other immigrant experiences; ideas on how we might frame this issue for a mainstream audience. Anything you like, just frame it as why I support the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights. Take part in breaking the silence on this issue. Help bring it out of the closet by doing what you do best: writing your heart out. June 5th. If you can, please link to info about the Town Hall event and to the text of the Bill of Rights. And don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments section of this one and if you can, please use the image at the top of this page in your post. Thank you and I look forward to seeing all of your fantastic posts on June 5th!


*UPDATED 6/1* more fantastic resources:



  1. […] of Rights (NY) « Truly Outrageous on Long Island couple accused of abusing domestic workersBlog for Domestic Workers on Tuesday, June 5th! « salty femme. on Town Hall Event for Domestic Workersnature nurture blah blah « salty femme. on love the […]

  2. What a great idea! I’m there! (here)

  3. […] saltyfemme: Attention bloggers: Tuesday, June 5th is Blog for Domestic Workers day! The event is in […]

  4. […] to include: Blog for Domestic Workers’ Rights on June 5th, which I saved to del.icio.us and then forgot about. Drat! Thanks, saltyfemme. Filed […]

  5. […] I want to Blog for Domestic Workers.  (Hat-tip to petitpoussin at Truly […]

  6. Not quite June 5 here yet, but here is a link to my contribution. If I did the html right. And if your blog accepts it in the comments.

  7. […] is blog for Domestic Workers day. This idea was ignited by Salty Femme, but I found out about it at The Anti Essentialist Conundrum, a blog I frequently […]

  8. My post is a quickie about my mom and grandmother having spent years as domestic workers. Thanks Salty Femme, Great idea!

  9. […] and work with them for Domestic Workers rights. In New York, go to the town hall meeting to see Saltyfemme’s post and work for the […]

  10. […] is Blog for Domestic Workers Day, in conjunction with a big town hall meeting that will be held on Thursday, June 7, in New York […]

  11. http://jwablog.jwa.org/node/133

  12. […] when I see initiatives for domestic workers where people are trying to get a bill of rights developed, I wonder, “Are we still dragging our feet on this question?” History moves in a […]

  13. It’s a day late, but here’s my contribution:

  14. Here’s my post, two days late (and my apologies).


    It will be cross-posted at Pandagon tomorrow at noon.

  15. […] was several years ago. Ehrenreich’s book, Nickle and Dimed had just been released. It was laste August/early Septembe…. I’d just moved and, for the first time in my life, I hired movers to help me and my son lug […]

  16. […] week’s Salty Sunday will be a roundup of links from last week’s successful Blog For Domestic Workers’ Justice day, which seemed to be kind of a bust by the end of the 5th but, to my delight, received a lot […]

  17. […] 5th was Blog for Domestic Workers’ Day, organized by saltyfemme. Pandagon’s got a roundup of the issue and what bloggers had to say […]

  18. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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