salty sunday

May 20, 2007

The NYTimes discusses ethical concerns about the high compensation fees for egg donation (and what effect this has on “informed consent” for a fairy extensive and potentially dangerous medical procedure).

DMI blog on the NYC housing myth: there is, without a doubt, enough vacant property in Manhattan to house every single homeless person. So why are they still living on the street? This entry links to a new study published by Picture the Homeless on why this is happening and what can be done to change it.

Angry Brown Butch links to previously classified NYPD documents from the RNC, released after a legal victory for I-Witness video.

Queer artists: consider submitting to the Borders and Bridges art gallery at the Southern Comfort conference in Atlanta in September. You do not need to attend the conference to submit your work.

Jill at Feministe responds to the recent criticism of Full Frontal Feminism.

Quench Zine likes the food stamp challenge (of which I am not such a fan).

Everything I know about feminism, I learned on on youtube – at Fetch Me My Axe. There’s some great stuff there, especially that video of Staceyann Chin. Damn.

The LA Times has a piece about the changing West Village and the recycling of homophobia. Via NSRC feed.

NYTimes on shelters for gay youth.

Birthright Unplugged made it into Newsweek.

Finally, a little bit funny and a little bit sad: Sam Brownback thinks he has a uterus. Via Pandagon.



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