a fetus a day keeps the doctor away

July 11, 2007

Remember the story about the “fetus” that was found at a golf course in Queens (which later turned out to be a maxi pad)? This story trumps that one, I think. On many levels.

A fetus was found in a bag in the girls’ locker room at a school in Dallas! OMG! Except it was just a rotten orange. Crazy much? Why is it assumed that teenage girls are promiscuous sluts who are not only careless enough to get pregnant but who would leave the fetus in their locker? Whatever happened to absent-minded teenagers who leave food to rot in their lockers?

Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon gives some excellent context:

Anyway, Bush-appointed members of the FDA believe that there’s a likelihood of emergency contraception-based teenage sex cults, so why would it be such a leap to imagine that junior high girls are running around having sex with the boys and escaping the due punishment by with Sapphic abortion parties in the girls locker room? It’s not like the Bush administration would have members that had a poor grasp on reality, right? The way the war is going certainly demonstrates that. Why I bet these teenage girls today with their girl power and their Title IX are able to self-abort by playing Britney Spears records backwards. That’s how far this country has fallen, due to the feminist infiltrators.


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