salty sunday

July 15, 2007

This is old, but some of you might have missed it. I kind of love Manhattan Mini Storage. Via Feministing.

OK I admit it. It is way more difficult to keep up a blog in the summer. I can’t promise salty sunday every week, but I will try.

Salon had a great piece last week about reproductive rights and poverty in Mississippi. Catch-22s abound: without sex education, teenagers don’t use protection and also don’t get tested soon enough after getting pregnant – and in Mississippi, abortions become more expensive after the first trimester because you have to travel out of state in order to have one legally.

New queer group blog Bilerico Project reports on a Florida judge who declared “two victims” in a trans hate crime.

Check out this summary of the US Social Forum at Workers World and also this piece from the AFL-CIO blog on the exciting new National Domestic Workers Alliance formed at the USSF. Also in DW news, the July/August issue of the Brooklyn Rail includes an article about DW issues and the Bill of Rights. There is also some mention of the JFREJ campaign and has some great quotes from employers!

I’m totally psyched about the brand new health justice blog Cure This – there are already a bunch of great pieces up. Definitely check it out. Via BFP.

Also in the category of new health websites, the Kaiser Family Foundation has started Health08, a resource for health-related election news and analysis. Via Feministe.

At Feministe, Trailer Park Feminist reports that fundies are pissed that a Hindu prayer was read aloud for the first time at the beginning of a US senate session. There were hecklers! Jesus. No pun intended.

I haven’t done salty sunday in awhile and I missed some gems over the weeks that I want to share: Blackamazon on not being a radical (hard to sum up), How to destroy an African-American city in 33 steps (Via BFP).

Finally, some humor. Belledame points readers to genius blog Passive-Aggressive Notes, which accepts submissions from lucky folks who have been subject to the notorious notes left behind by angry flatmates and co-workers. (A personal favorite: “Erica, Thanks for cleaning! It’s so nice to have someone else do it once in awhile!”). I used to be the roommate who left passive-aggressive notes. I’m getting better. I think.


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