salty sunday

July 22, 2007
This is from an actual ad campaign by UNICEF in Germany to raise awareness about education in Africa. I didn’t know blackface was making a comeback. More at Black Women in Europe, via BFP. (great comments underneath both of these posts, in case anyone is looking for a bit of analysis)

A Tale of Two Genocides
. Check out this article raising questions about US inconsistencies when it comes to genocide in Africa. Turns out, shockingly, that what matters is not how many people are dying but who is vying for power. Via Sylvia.

Via TAN: white people think it’s easier to be black than to not have TiVo. Sounds like an Onion headline, right? Yeah, not so much.

Hollywood is not dealing with abortion in this summer’s blockbusters about accidental pregnancies. Curious. Via Kaiser.

Transpeople and bathroom issues at Feministe.

Ooooh I just lurve this headline. Corporate America: The New Gay Activists.

The next generation of republicans: more war, less gay. Or something. Via Feministe.

And finally, some satire. Stephen Colbert presents “the Susan B. Anthony of Pole Dancing,” your feminist of the day. Via Feministing.


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