a return, perhaps.

October 18, 2009
this food p*rn is here to lure you so you will keep reading.

this food p*rn is here to lure you so you will keep reading.

I took a little pause. And I may take another. But since I last posted (August 2007) major changes have occurred in my life and in the world and therefore, the content and format of this blog may be changing. Hopefully for the better. Here’s a brief overview.


  • has moved to another colder but friendlier city.
  • has started library science school and is currently in her third semester.
  • is writing the post with html, just because she can.
  • has not joined twitter, and is hoping to hold out.
  • has not joined twitter, though she does understand that shorter is often better and therefore will make a concerted effort to write shorter posts which hopefully will mean they happen more often.
  • has become a voracious fermenter and bread-baker and hopes to post about these things.
  • believes in wikipedia. And will link to it. It’s true.
  • is not using saltyfemme.com anymore. damn the man and his $15 a year charge for domains. https://saltyfemme.wordpress.com is the new place to hang.

Today I am thinking about: digital preservation and file formats. Good god, how did we get here? Well, these are things we sometimes learn in library school. My digital preservation class is mostly folks who are learning to become archivists, which I have no interest in. I do have an interest in what digital preservation means for the masses – in a world in which more and more of the things we create and save are in a digital format, how are we making sure those things actually get saved and what does all of this have to do with CAPITALISM?

It has everything to do with capitalism. When you write a word document, you are probably saving it as a .doc or maybe even as a .docx. These are file formats that are owned by microsoft. Owned. That means that if tomorrow they decided they wanted you to use a different format, you could open your computer and find that your .doc files are unreadable. This is true of most file formats.

How can you avoid purchasing and therefore supporting such evil practices while simultaneously avoiding the potential havoc that proprietary file formats can wreak? Open-source software, my friends! Open-source is where it’s at. Many proprietary softwares have open-source equivalents that are either as good as or nearly as good as their expensive proprietary counterparts. So instead of going out and buying microsoft word when you get your new computer (or grabbing that disc from your office), consider downloading OpenOffice, the open source version of microsoft office. I am using it presently, and I love it. And best of all, its file extension (ODF, open document format) is compatible with many other word processing programs. OpenOffice is totally FREE. Hell yeah.



  1. vered, i am also sort of obsessed with digital preservation and am very happy that you are blogging about it. are you at simmons? i would love to talk to you about their program…

    anyhow, just wanted to thank your for posting. i’m downloading open office right now.

    happy really cold october day, hopefully see you soon…


  2. rachel – thanks for your comment, that is awesome you are obsessed with it, so far the only people I know who are obsessed with it are information professionals and the like. Everyone should be though, the rate at which people are creating digital objects and not worrying about their long-term future is scary, esp when they are mediated by all kinds of proprietary software and hardware. yes, i am at simmons. let’s talk!

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