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back with a vengeance

December 21, 2006

After I brief hiatus, I have returned to the blog world. I needed a vacation. I know you missed me.

A salty list of unrelated bullets to bring us back. Nothing intense too soon.

-It’s been awhile since I read the Onion, which is unfortunate, because it’s pretty fantastic. My perverted rabbi friend passed on an article called Israel Bombs Anti-Semitism out of Lebanon. Brilliant, totally brilliant. Quote: ‘”After destroying much of our infrastructure and displacing nearly 1 million civilians, we’ve come to respect Israel as a legitimate power and a beacon of democracy, and not a pack of lying, usurping, hook-nosed dogs.”‘

-Next, on to Alternet, where Cristina Page explains that contrary to right-wing fundamentalist discourse on reproductive freedom, contraception and birth control have allowed pre-marital sex, which leads to fewer extramarital affairs, thereby strengthening marriages/families. Page explains:

the uptick in fidelity today is the result of a society that accepts our sexual urges as natural and couples that can look within marriage for fulfillment of desires once branded indecent.

OK, so I’m not sure what her sources are, but it’s a worthy argument and one that the pro-choice movement should take into account. It’s the fault of the anti-choice movement that the pro-choice movement has been branded “pro-abortion,” when in actuality, it’s really a pro-family movement. At least how Page sees it, anyway. I’m not sure how I feel about co-opting anti-choice language about saving marriage and families, but it might just be the only ticket to winning over the American public. (P.S. 95% of Americans have had pre-marital sex. Thank you, Feministing.)

-New to the blogroll: Gender 3.0., a refreshing, well-written, thought-out blog from a trans dyke in San Francisco. An excerpt from a post titled He’s a Dyke:

But I’m not a woman who refuses to accept her place; I’m not a woman — for me, personally, the word is irredeemably steeped in its connotations of motherhood and nurturing. (For this, I blame the Second Wave feminists.) The constitutive thrill of being a male-identified dyke is feeling like those prescriptions simply don’t apply. Problem is, femmes and other gender-savvy dykes tend to be the only ones who recognize this basic fact of masculine gender identity…

Thank you, thank you. I guess I can take identity politics when they’re not all “woe is me, my life sucks.” I look forward to lots of interesting posts.

-And finally, a Hannukah/birthday present for tragika in San Francisco. Seizure me elmo, coming to stores near you.

Happy Hannukah!


still out there?

December 5, 2006

Dear readers,

Please excuse me for being MIA for the last few weeks. You know the drill – life gets hectic, work gets full, new apartments need to be made into homes, time flies. I’ll be back soon.



a short promotion

October 21, 2006

DMF finally put the really excellent poem on the web. Props. Clicky here.



October 20, 2006

Some recent webby discoveries I’ve made that I thought I might share:

  • Blogs here, blogs there: Don’t feel like checking blogs all the time? Afraid of RSS readers? Don’t even know what RSS stands for? Have no fear. I just discovered an excellent tool called r-mail. R-mail allows you to enter a blog address and your email address. You will then get an email each time that blog is updated! It’s so simple, even a computer illiterate baby boomer can do it! If you want to be emailed with saltyfemme updates, look over there on the right side of this screen. Underneath ‘categories’ you’ll see a place to add your email address. Click subscribe. That’s it!
  • Queen of Craigslist: During my long quest for the perfect roommate and then for the perfect apartment and then for the perfect and inexpensive furniture with which to furnish it, I spent many hours on Craigslist. It’s tedious and annoying and I never remembered which posts I had seen already. Until I discovered that craigslist is actually RSS compatible. Meaning that you can perform any craigslist search, with as many search terms as you want, copy the url address into your RSS reader, and boom, you never have to check craigslist again! I was very impressed, both with craigslist and with myself.
  • Shutting out that annoying co-worker (we’ve all been there): In our never-ending quest for good, varied workday music with minimal commercials (we’ve exhausted MusicMatch radio, Yahoo launchcast, even the online stream of the Israeli pop station galgalatz), the glass lady found Pandora, a site that I don’t completely understand but have learned to really love. The idea is simple: each user can create up to 100 radio stations, each one based on the genre of one artist. You can’t mix artists, so Pandora is when you’re in the mood for one particular genre.
  • This American Life, everyone’s favorite public radio program, is finally offering the show in a free weekly podcast! Hurray. Subscribe through itunes or however you get your podcasts.

Imagine – The Bush Remix

September 21, 2006

So as most of my friends know, I tend to get frustrated with all non-intellectual forms of expression. I have a really hard time with poetry. But I guess the amazing thing about that kind of expression is that it can bring out emotions without requiring dissection. This video was sent to me by disfunkchanel. And thank you. No more words.


salty miscellany: women’s health, blogs, food

September 18, 2006

I don’t want to lose readers, and I know I haven’t posted in a week (I haven’t posted anything substantive in longer than that!). Life happens sometimes. So here’s a list, for those who likes lists:

1) I have added Our Bodies Our Blog, “our daily dose of women’s health news and analysis” to my rss reader. It’s only one or two entries per day so it’s definitely manageable. Especially with your new rss reader.

2) Speaking of rss readers, get one now if you still don’t have one. No, it’s not just another annoying thing to worry about. It puts all your news and your blogs into one place so you don’t have to go running around checking websites all the time. It does all the checking for you. There are web-based ones and there are ones that you can download. Google has one, Yahoo has one, and I have Sharpreader (which is downloadable software and looks just like Outlook, a plus for those who need to look like they are working all the time).

3) I’m working on a post about improving cafeteria food in public schools. More to come tonight or tomorrow.

4) Get thee to your local Greenmarket, ASAP. Apples are in town! The early varieties are, at least. Yesterday I bought some lovely Ginger Golds and Macouns at the Tompkins Square Park Greenmarket. A fabulous PDF of the NYC Greenmarket schedules (and a map) is available here. An informative site about NY state apple varieties is available here. Next weekend is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, famous for long synagogue hours and apple-centered desserts. Baking will commence Thursday night. Keep your eyes (and palates) peeled.

5) Finally, some exciting news. Saltyfemme is apparently famous enough to have a guest blogger. Look out for disfunkchanel, my favorite sassy and queer artist/poet extraordinaire. She doesn’t like lists but she likes me. She’s definitely a salty one.

P.S. photo credit to this guy on flickr. Thanks for the lovely apple photos from Union Square.


linking not thinking

August 11, 2006

Too much happening right now. Life seems to get in the way of blogging.

Jew-types: check out this little queer d’var torah on Parashat Ekev, written by a queer San Franciscan who is friends with all my besties. Divrei torah on brachot over binding are always hot. Check it out. Thanks to D for the linkage.

Feminist-types: I want to purchase this rockin’ t-shirt, courtesy of the California chapter of NOW. Own those waves. All of ’em. Thanks to Feministing for digging this up.

Pop-culture types: Madonna rocked this little narcissistic t-shirt last week. If you’re lazy, it says “In Madonna We Trust” with a huge cross in the middle. Ya. Way to do your part in giving the proverbial finger to the God-types who run this country. Or maybe that’s just my own interpretation. I don’t know why she ever surprises me.

All-types: do buy yourself Ani Difranco‘s new album called Reprieve, which came out on Tuesday. It’s helped me through tough times already. It’s sad and mellow and more political than her last few albums. Songs that are already stuck in my head: hypnotize, decree, reprieve, shroud.

Lastly, saltyfemme is famous. Rock.

Love and kisses from far away from home (literally and figuratively). This post is for my queen with blue hair.