Rock Salt Community Supported Breadery (CSB)

Welcome to the Rock Salt Community Supported Breadery (CSB) in Jamaica Plain, MA. Shareholders pick up two loaves of homemade bread from my home on Mondays or Thursdays. December has been successful! Signup for January is now open.

How does it work?
Shareholders pay $25-$50 on a sliding scale basis and sign up for either a Monday or Thursday evening pickup. 6 regular shares are available for each day (regular = 2 medium sized loaves, about 8″ in diameter). There is 1 share of double loaves available for January.

What kind of bread do you sell?
All of my bread is crusty whole wheat bread. Each week’s share comes with one plain whole wheat loaf and one flavored whole wheat loaf. Ingredients are basic: whole wheat flour, bread flour, yeast, sea salt, and water.

How do I reserve my spot?
Email me at saltyfemme at gmail dot com to claim your spot – we will discuss payment over email.

What are the dates for January?
Week 1: January 5th and 9th
Week 2: January 12th and 16th
Week 3: January 19th and 23rd
Week 4: January 25th and 29th

What flavors do you sell?
December and January’s flavors are as follows (subject to change):
Week 1: cinnamon raisin
Week 2: olive walnut
Week 3: cranberry pecan
Week 4: seeded onion rye

I can’t eat that much bread! Can I buy a half share?
Yes! If you are interested in a half share, please email me and I will do my best to make matches. Once you have a match, you can discuss with your fellow shareholder how you would like to divide the bread each week.

Your bread is great, but two loaves is not enough!
Never fear! Holiday (and other special occasion) commissions are here! I will be baking breads on commission on December 23rd, 24th, 30th, and 31st! I’m also happy to bake for other special occasions. Regular sized loaves are selling for $5 and double-sized loaves for $9. Choose from: plain, cinnamon raisin, cranberry pecan, olive walnut, seeded onion rye. Please email me (saltyfemme at gmail) ASAP to place your order!

I want to be in the know!
Email me at saltyfemme at gmail to sign up for email updates and check back here – this page will be updated as soon as new info is available.

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