Yogurt 101

You will need:
-milk (any fat content)
-starter yogurt
-clean pot
-clean bowl or jar with cover
-warm blanket

1. Heat milk just until boiling (keep an eye on it – you want to shut off the flame as soon as it starts boiling).

2. Let it cool until the point where you can stick your finger in and you neither pull it out from fear that it will burn your finger nor are able to let it sit comfortably. It shouldn’t be burning hot but it also shouldn’t be cool.

3. Put your starter at the bottom – a heaping teaspoon is enough for 1/2 gallon so don’t overdo it. Too much starter and your yogurt won’t thicken properly. Starter yogurt can be any kind of plain yogurt as long as the container says that it has live cultures in it.

4. Pour in your cooled but still warm milk, stirring with a wire whisk.

5. Incubation: wrap tightly in a warm blank and place in a warm spot. If your oven has a pilot light, which keeps it slightly warm all the time, incubate in it as long as you know no one will be using the oven. It is a perfect temperature for incubating. In the winter when it’s very cold, incubate wherever is warmest in your house and add another blanket. The first time you make yogurt in your kitchen, try a small amount first in case you need to change the conditions. That way if anything goes wrong, you’ve only wasted a small amount of milk. You can incubate anywhere from 10-16 hours depending on how sour you like it.

Some of my favorite yogurt recipes:
Beet Tzatziki
Lemon Yogurt Cake
Kefir Cherry Popsicles (you can use yogurt!)


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